AutoMate serial

AutoMate Standard 3.6e : s/n: 432362016
AutoMate Professional 3.6e : s/n: 12336467
AutoMate Professional v3.8c for Win95/NT : s/n: 3528068400
AutoMate Standard v3.8c for Win95/NT : s/n: 749516477
AutoMate Pro v3.8d : s/n: 3136060800
AutoMate Professional v3.8e : s/n: 1306692000
Automate v4.0 Standard : s/n: 22106307 or s/n: 18534764
AutoMate v4.0 Professional : s/n: 18535047 or s/n: 18535047
AutoMate Professional v4.0 Build 1.081098 : Standard: 18534764 Professional: 18535047
Automate Pro v4.01 : s/n: 18561577
Automate Standard v4.01 : s/n: 15637895
Automate Pro v4.05b : s/n: 18546647
AutoMate v4.05c : s/n: 53435780
AutoMate v4.05c Standard & Pro Edition : Standard: 14827668 Pro: 18550102
Automate v4.06 Standard and Professional : Standard: 17209796 Pro: 18514442
Automate Pro v4.07 : s/n: 18520242
AutoMate Standard and Pro v4.1 : Standard: 25750257 Pro: 18523780
Automate v4.1b : Standard: 12881573 Pro: 18543317 Upgrade: 9999384I
Automate Pro v4.1b : Code: 18535047
AutoMate v4.2 Professional : Code: 18516787
AutoMate v4.2b Professional : Code: 18539466
Automate Professional NT Service Edition v4.2c : s/n: 18516787


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